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2.7m long BeamsNew Racking2 Ton weight  on the BeamLearning about RackingBeam: This is the horizontal part attached to the frame. The load/pallet sits on it on. Our beam is 2.7m long.Frame: Up... Read more...
    • 2.7m long Beams
    • New Racking
    • 2 Ton weight  on the Beam

    Learning about Racking

    • Beam: This is the horizontal part attached to the frame. The load/pallet sits on it on. Our beam is 2.7m long.
    • Frame: Upright structure that supports the beams.  Our Frame Heights are 2.7m, 3.6m, 4.2m, 6.0m, 8.5m. We can also install frames of other heights. Our Frame width is a standard 900mm.
    • Level: Is the count of planes between the 2 beams that sits the pallets or the load storage area.
    • Starter Bay or First Bay: consists of 2 frames and a number levels to make standalone Bay
    • Add-On Bay:  is not a standalone bay of racking but is added to a starter bay to extend it into more Bays.

    How To Buy Racking

    1. Measure the outline of the space planned for racking;
    2. Plot all building features such as pillars, columns, staircase, opening, doors, trunking, switches, machinery, tables, etc.
    3. Measure from the outer walls to each access point and plot on your sketch;
    4. Measure from floor level to the underside of the lowest feature in your space;
    5. State what you will be storing; and
    6. how it will be handled so that we can recommend the right shelving or racking system to suit

    Storing By Hand Loaded Boxes ,Containers or Cartons 
    1 – What are the dimensions of these – Height x Width x Depth?
    2 – How Heavy are these in Kgs Each?
    3 – How will you handle this product - By Hand – Sack Truck or Trolley?
    4 - Can you store this product at height? – Consider Mobile Steps Or Handling Equipment
    5 - How regularly do you need to access the products?

    Storing Using Pallets 
    1 - What are the dimensions of the Pallets - Height x Width x Depth?
    2- How Heavy are your Pallets in Kgs Each?
    3 – Do you want to store Pallets and Containers together?
    4 – What type of Fork truck will you be using?
    5 – Which way will the Pallet be handled?

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