Delivery Information

Delivery options available to customer are:

  1. Customer pick up the order in store
  2. Customer arrange a courier to pick the order up from our store or
  3. Store gets quote for customer from reputable courier companies.
  4. Store deliver the order.

Store delivering the order

  • There maybe minimum order total expected;
  • Delivery cost will be sent and agreed with customer before payment is initiated;
  • This way both the customer and the store will be in agreement; 
  • Afterwards our banking details is released to customer for payment.

Sample Delivery Cost per Distance:

        50-60km radius distance implies minimum Order Total is R50,000 and delivery charge  is R500

       0 - 20km radius distance implies minimum order Total is R5000 and delivery charge is R150-R200

        East of Pretoria/Silverton implies order Total of R5000 and delivery charge is R350 

Please decide and confirm order option to use. You must also agree to our delivery term.

You may email us at 

Thank you, We welcome your business.